Check-in and Auto-Cancellation

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Check-in and Auto-Cancellation

With this option enabled, all reservations made on your page will require an arrival confirmation from the host. Auto-Cancellation gives Roomzilla permission to remove any missed reservations after they are due to begin, this will free up time and ensure you’re getting the most out of your space.

Step 1:

Activate Check-in


1. To enable the “Auto-Cancellation” feature, head to the “Settings” tab [1], then “Additional Settings” [2]:

2. Check the “Check-in required” box [A].

This will require your Users to tap on the tablet in order to ‘Check in’ their reservation. Additionally, you can authorize the check-in via e-mail [B], which will be possible via the link included in the email reminder sent 5 minutes before the reservation starts.

3. You can now decide how long to give Users before a meeting is automatically terminated [C].
Note that if sound notifications are enabled, this value must be greater than “Check-in (min after start)”.

4. Hit “Save”.






Step 2:

Manage check-in option

Admins can check-in reservations in advance. Check out our article on that: Reservation Pre-Check-In

You can also turn off mandatory check-in for selected Resources.

1. Head to the “Resources” tab [3] in your Admin section, select the Resource you want to have updated [4], and hit “Edit” [5]:






2. In the details window that appears, check the “Disable check-in required” box [6] and hit “Save”: