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Booking Fees


Booking Fees with Roomzilla will allow you to take maximum control over your space. Set reoccurring top up, Resource values and much more.

Activate Booking Fees

On your settings tab you will find Booking Fees under Additional Settings, there simply activate the feature to reveal all of the settings available to you.

Settings Breakdown

Now you have activated Booking Fees you need to know what all the settings do, you can find a breakdown of each of these below.

A – Set the time interval on how many minutes one credit is valued. e.g. Time interval 15 Minutes = 1 Credit for 15 minutes.

B – How often will your users receive fresh credits.

C – Do you want user to keep any unspent credits when account is replenished.

D – What percentage of spent credits will a user receive after a cancellation.

E – How many Credits to charge for each Time interval (A)

F –  How many Credits will Users receive each interval.

G – Allow for refunds upon cancellation.

H – How many minutes before the Start Time a Users has to cancel..


Now you have activated Bookings Fess and understand how to use their settings, you just need to apply the Fees to your Resources.

1. On each of your Resources you will see two new options for Booking Fees.

Booking Cost Multiplier: This allows you to set the value of your resources, this multiplies the amount you have set for Applied Booking Fee (F). See the below example

Applied Booking Fee: 1 (E)

Booking Cost Multiplier: 2

A 15 Minute meeting costs: 1 x 2 = 2




Additional Credits

You can also top-up a users credit on their own, start off on the users tab where you can search for email or name. Once found simply hit edit to reveal user settings and their Credits.



Simply enter how many Credits you want this user to have select save and they are ready to go.


Still have some questions about Roomzilla? Why not reach out to us directly on:

Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 


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