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You can follow the below steps to activate the booking approval queue feature on your Roomzilla page.

1. Firstly you need to log into the admin section of your Roomzilla page

2. Select the “Rooms” tab.
3. Select to “Edit Room” (Must be done for each room)

4. At the top of the rooms settings you will see the option for “Admin booking approval” (once activated this will automatically deactivate Repeating Reservations and Local Reservations)

5. Now that you have activated the feature let’s check out how to manage your reservations.

6. How to manage your approval queue

Approve reservation


Reject reservation


Reject reservation with a message to the host.


Settle all conflicts on a first come first serve rule.


Reject all reservations that conflict with an already approved reservation.


7. If you are trying to find a specific reservations within the queue you can use the search options provided.

A -Search by the “meeting purpose”
B – Search for hosts email address
C – Search for meetings on specified date
D –  This is a drop down menu which allows you to search for all reservations within a specific room.
E – How many results/reservations do you want to show in the queue at once.
If you have any further questions regarding this feature or any others, please get in touch with us at
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