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Auto-Cancellation gives Roomzilla permission to remove any missed reservations after they are due to begin, this will free up time and ensure your getting the most out of your space.

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1. Log in to your Roomzilla page and go to your Settings (top right corner):


3.  You will need to activate the following two options for auto-cancellation to take effect.

Check-in required

– Cancel the reservation and release the resource if check-in not performed


You can now decide how long to give users before a meeting is cancelled, to do this you will need to do as follows:

A. Check-in reminder minutes: How long before a meeting begins a reminder will be sent.

B. Minutes to wait until cancelling a not checked-in reservation: This is how long after the meeting has started will it remain on Roomzilla, once this has passed the meeting will be automatically removed.



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