Activating your Roomzilla Account

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Activating your Roomzilla Account

Ready to join Roomzilla?

If you have decided to switch your Roomzilla trial into a full account, we do have a couple of options; find them below.

Subscription plans

Start off by selecting your desired subscription plan under the “Selected plan” section in the “Billing” tab [1] of your account.

We offer three distinct plans: Free, Standard, and Business, each tailored to different needs and preferences. Our pricing structure is based on the number of active resources, with higher-tier plans offering additional functionalities.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for basic needs, the Free plan provides essential features but may have limitations, such as the absence of reports and Google Workspace integration. Includes up to three bookable resources.
  • Standard Plan: Designed for more advanced requirements, the Standard plan offers enhanced functionalities, excluding the “Room Display” feature.
  • Business Plan: Our most comprehensive option, the Business plan includes all features available, providing users with complete access to Roomzilla’s capabilities.

For more detailed information, please refer to our pricing page.

Credit Card

To upgrade a Roomzilla trial to a full account, a credit card must be linked before the trial period expires. Otherwise, the system automatically deletes the trial account.

To activate your account and automatically pay the fee, follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your admin account and head to the “Billing” section [1].

2. On the left side of the screen [2]:

  • enter an email address [A] to receive credit card receipts.
  • decide on payment frequency [B] – whether you want to be charged at the beginning of each month or once a year, upfront.
  • check box [C] if you wish to receive invoices in addition to the credit card receipts. Fields for entering billing information (Company name, Billing address, and TAX number) will appear.
  • enter your Credit Card details [D] directly to Roomzilla via our provider Stripe

3. Once saved [E], your Roomzilla Account will be fully activated. The prorated fee will be charged after your 14-day trial period expires.

4. Once payments have started, you will find a full history here [3].


Annual Subscription

You can pay for your annual subscription via Credit Card added on file, invoice directly (via QuickBooks Online), or via ACH transfer. Please contact us at


Please note that invoices are sent in advance to the provided billing email [A] around the middle of the previous billing month, whereas payment is charged automatically to the Credit Card added on file [D] at the beginning of the new billing cycle.