Activating your Roomzilla Account

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Ready to join Roomzilla?


Are you ready to switch your Roomzilla trial into a full account, we do have a couple of options, find them below.



Invoice Setup


If you would like to pay for your Roomzilla Subscription via Invoice, you can reach out to our Sales Team directly on:

Oskar will help with any questions you may have and if you send the below details he will have a Custom Quote ready for you.

  Company Name: Billing Address: Payment Type: ACH, CC or Transfer Payment Frequency: Monthly – Annual (Further Discount is available with our Annual Plans) Roomzilla Domain: Additional Questions:  


Credit Card


If you want to automatically activate your account and pay monthly, follow the below steps


  1. Log into your Admin Roomzilla Account and head to the Billing Tab:
  2. Here you will find the following: A.  Here is your total billable amount for the Coming Month B. Here you can add your Card directly to Roomzilla Via our Provider Stripe. C. Once Payments have started you will find a Full History here.
  3. Enter your Card details directly then hit ADD.
  4.  Once saved your Roomzilla Account will be fully activated, 


Still have some questions about Roomzilla? Why not reach out to us directly on:


Or check out our YouTube channel for more detailed guides about our system. 



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