Troubleshooting your Room Displays (iPad)

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Maintaining your iPad Room Displays

Learn more about how our Room Display work and what features we have to ensure they remain connected on your network.

Desktop Refresh

  1. Go to your desktop app and navigate to “Resources” Tab.

2. In ‘Remotes status’ column filter for ‘down’ and ‘unpaired’ to verify which tablets are down or unpaired

3. Here you have two different refresh options.
i. Refresh All: Refresh all paired Room Displays in one go.

ii. Refresh: Individually refresh your Room Displays.

NOTE: this kind of refresh triggers background data refresh on the tablet (It does not refresh the browser)

Now you have Refreshed your Device from the Browser you should see that they are up. If not, follow the second stage of this guide below.

Ad-Hoc Refresh

After refreshing on your desktop if you devices remain offline, it’s time to take a closer look.


  1. On your Room Display in the top left hand corner you will see a Refresh button.

2. Press the Refresh option to Reload Roomzilla within the Browser, this will update the Cache and perform a hard reset of Roomzilla.

(You can see if this has worked by looking at the Resources Tab on the Web Platform)

Unpair/Pair Device

If your devices are still not responding then we suggest you remove the pairing with your device and set this up again.

  1. Turn Guided Access off on your device, this will allow you to reload Roomzilla fully.

2. Close your Roomzilla Tab and any other open windows, once done simply click on the Roomzilla Icon again.

3. Enter your pin number to connect your device again with Roomzilla.

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