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Latest Roomzilla Platform Updates

Roomzilla Platform Updates – The Latest & Greatest

Dynamically expanding our product has been an ongoing event here at Roomzilla, and we do have quite a few new recently introduced features to brag about. While we have announced them on our usual channels ranging from social media to our monthly newsletter, here we’re compiling a list of some of the top ones and adding a bit more description.

Migration Roomzilla 2.0 → 3.0

While not a feature per se, already we’re undergoing migrating our current clients that are still on the original Roomzilla 2.0 platform to the new feature rich 3.0 platform. In an age of app stores and update, that sounds like it would be a few minutes long update right? While we’re all about streamlining and efficiencies here, in order to develop the best we had to rebuild the engine in a manner of speaking. Roomzilla 3.0 is a completely new system, updating all the back- & front- end and truly taking our platform and offering as a whole to a more scaleable and “future proof” architecture. As a result, migration is not an automatic flow; however, our team have been hands on ensuring little to no inconvenience during the migration process. The other benefit also includes not only improved favorites feature-wise but also now the ability to truly innovate.

Pretty Colors

A new actual feature for example now is the first step to truly making the platform “yours”. We introduced the ability to customize mostly all the colors of the platform to match your company & brand. While at first you may think this item is quite common, is it? It often is reserved for significantly larger & expensive enterprise business platforms, and we’re bringing it within our cost effective solution.

Credits Get Credit

As recently written, we have also introduced a credit system that can open up many new ways for our clients to manage their workplace resources. This option is almost analogous to a virtual token or currency system and can create an interesting experience for how the workspace is not only used, but also provide insight on how people are actually using it.

Open Minded

We’re continuing our push with native integrations with popular features such as single sign on (SSO) options along with popular calendar options out there working in tandem with our system (i.e. Google or O365). This is an area that Roomzilla will continue to explore further.

More On The Horizon

Considering how dynamic the current flexible workspace is, you can easily assume that Roomzilla is not only keeping its finger on the pulse but also working on more features and innovations on a regular basis.

Saying that, the above are just to name a few but you can always check Roomzilla’s latest developments in our features & fixes section. Here you’ll be able to find an overview of all the main fixes and newly introduced features updated on a monthly basis. Our platform was built with the insight of our customers & prospects, if you ever have any ideas for us to make the platform even better, let us know.