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New Roomzilla Feature: User Credits

Time To Use User Credits

Roomzilla is proud to introduce you to our brand new Credits Feature available on our newest platform. Credits opens the door to a whole host of options when it comes to running your space and gives you back full control over any of your Resources. You will be able to apply recurring credits on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis as well as decide on specific fees for each of your resources. You also have the option to apply additional credits at any time. This can be used to further monetize your space or to simply reduce any wasted time. Now you will be able to get the most out of your space and ensure everyone gets the meeting time they deserve.

A Credit can be valued at whatever you want it to be and not all of your Resources have to have a fee applied at all. For example if you are a coworking space with a lot of phone booths, but you also have some more exclusive conference rooms, you can encourage your users to book the “free” phone booths rather than taking up time in your conference rooms as that will be taken away from your Credit allowance. As you can see this can really have an effect on how your users behave when creating their reservations and ensure they remember to cancel any meetings that will no longer be happening. It’s also a fantastic way to begin monetizing your space and even opening it up to external bookings.

Now of course having the option to charge for additional time is great but this feature is also aimed at User behaviour and we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your space. Introducing the idea that meeting time has an additional value goes a huge way to a more productive meeting environment. With the option to set a value for each of your resources you can set your pricing accordingly taking into account the size and location of the resource. This means when your users are making reservations they will book resources of an appropriate size rather than just booking their “favourite” without taking into account others who need the bigger room. Furthermore, missed reservations will become a thing of the past, not only will your users see the value in each booking that they make, but with our grace period if something does change they can cancel their booking freeing up the time for others.

Let’s think out the box for a second.

While this feature isn’t for everyone you may also want to think about its uses in more specific cases. With Roomzilla there are really no limitations when it comes to resource types. We have clients who use us for…
Yacht passes
Exercise classes
Library spaces
Vertical wind tunnels
Summer camps
Much, much more…

And this list is growing daily so if you do have some more exclusive offerings available to your tenants or employees that you want to get the most out of, why not set that up on Roomzilla and just have Credits applied to them. Your users can then simply book their monthly massage or office bike with their monthly Credits, and you no longer need to worry about who used it last and begin worrying about something else on your list!

This feature really can be used in many ways to help improve different aspects within your spaces. Reach out to us at Roomzilla if you would like to find out more about this feature or what else we have coming up in our busy roadmap: