Tips and Tricks for Startups and Entrepreneurs: A Round Up

Tips and Tricks for Startups and Entrepreneurs: A Round Up

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For businesses looking to reap the benefits of an office landline while minimizing the cost, Side Bar Technology Solutions describes the three ways to go about doing so:

On-prem is short for “on premises” meaning your phone/voicemail system is available physically at your office or at a data center you maintain. On-prem has a large upfront cost, but has the benefit of functioning without the need of Internet.

Hosted is a cloud-based virtual phone system available at a monthly charge per device. Hosted is great for small offices of under 25 phones that don’t have access to in-house IT. The only drawback is its dependence on an internet connection.

Hybrid is a blend of the former two and works best for those seeking the reliability of on-prem with the flexibility of a hosted system. Hybrids are often the most costly. For managed IT services in Austin TX, check out SideBar and follow them on Twitter @sidebartech.

A decent understanding of finance in business will take you a long way. Second Star Technologies have outlined the essential financial resources for startups and entrepreneurs:


Provides up to date information and financial tools for business professionals and startup entrepreneurs.


Tracks various Key Performance Indicators via a cloud-based interface. It allows you to track and share the cash flow of your business as well as create and report capitalization tables. Best of all, it is available on mobile.


Is a tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to forecast their cash flow on the cloud.


Is a freeware cloud service to track finances and plan for investments.

Startup Models

Is a blog/site that offers advice and strategic financial planning for startup entrepreneurs and new businesses alike. To read more and for IT support in Bakersfield CA, check out Second Star Technologies and follow them on Twitter @secondstartech.

When it comes to finding awesome browser plug-ins, Prototype IT has identified the 5 of the most popular among small businesses.

Adblock Plus

Allows you to toggle the appearance of ads as well as create lists of websites to visit ad-free. It is available for free on both Firefox and Chrome.


Is a password’s password.  No longer do you have to remember multiple passwords for your various accounts. Simply use your LastPass password to access any and all accounts.

StayFocused and LeechBlock

Allow you to temporarily block specific websites/distractions for intervals at a time in order to keep you focused.


Allows you to sync your mobile device with your browser in order to send/receive texts from your computer.


Automatically syncs contacts from your Gmail inbox and adds them to your LinkedIn contacts.

For managed IT services in Flower Mound TX, look no further than Prototype IT and be sure to follow their Twitter @prototypeIT.

ITC outlines 10 ways to leverage technology to make improvements to your small business:

Besides running ads on famous sites, social media has become key in the way businesses communicate with clients. A blog or website facilitates making a more personal connection with your client, but more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to speak to clients directly and gauge feedback. Data management systems can be used to generate useful information for your business and while cloud services provide reliable virtual data storage, backing up data on a drive remains equally important. Conducting online transactions using e-commerce is perhaps the most effective way to garner widespread reach which makes encryption and firewalls ever more important when it comes to protecting your data in addition to physical merchandise.

Follow ITC on Twitter @itcaustin and for IT support services in Austin TX, look no further than ITC!

Matrix Computer Consulting explains the pros and cons of a mobile workforce.

Working mobile lets employees work remotely, thus, cutting costs at the office by being able to rent less space. Flexible workspaces allow employees an actual office when needed for meetings and such. Being connected through technology 24/7 arguably allows for better productivity.

The same technology connecting employees employers, however, has the potential to make employees feel boxed in if contacted off the clock. Employees working in public places such as restaurants or coffee shops may be susceptible to distractions or worse: unsafe internet connections making company data more vulnerable to hackers. Finally, a mobile workforce can potentially feel more disjointed from one another and can spoil a company’s vision. To learn more about the mobile workforce and managed IT services in Manassas VA, follow Matrix Computer Consulting on Twitter @matrixhelpdesk.

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