Smart Office

Everything’s smart these days

There are smart phones, smart houses, smart everything. Why should your office be any different? Do you think it could use a little revamp? These articles will let you revolutionize your office and make it look more modern sometimes with very little input.

Elevating your office to a completely new level does not necessarily have to be very time-consuming and cost you a fortune. Some things in an office environment like 3-ring binders to books rooms have become a thing of the past and have made way for their smarter counterparts. Why not take advantage of the newest technologies? See how much they have to offer! Read through our ‘Smart office’ articles and never be at a loss for inspirations.

  1. A Simple Guide to Make Your Meeting Rooms Smart
  2. Workplace design can effect employee focus (The Gensler Edition)
  3. Connecting with your audience in ways that will astound them

Technology is rapidly advancing and so is everyone’s desire to work in smart spaces. Make sure your office spaces keep up with the pace.

There is no denying the importance of workplace design

See what quick changes you can make to your office area to positively affect your employee focus.

I’m sure you agree with us by now that you don’t need an awful lot to make your office smart. For one thing, you no longer need a wire to connect your projectors. This sheds a completely new light upon conference rooms design, doesn’t it?

Now imagine you no longer need to go to the trouble of wiring up your projectors and making sure the wires look decent. There are many other ways in which you can ensure your office conforms to the smartest standards! This guide will walk you the process of making your meeting rooms smart from start to finish. To follow up on one of the previous thoughts – now that you know you don’t need a wire to connect projectors, see how you can put this knowledge to good use. You can now wirelessly connect a conference room projector or TV with Chromecast. This can’t be stressed enough – Conference rooms design is vital to keep everyone in your office happy, so make sure you know how you can work on it.