How Room Scheduling Displays Can Change Your Office

How Room Scheduling Displays Can Change Your Office

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Having a slick meeting room reservation system like Roomzilla in place certainly makes life in your office easier for everyone. If you have already gone to the trouble of replacing your 3-ring binders with a website solution for booking rooms, why not take things a step further and get the rooms hooked up to sleek tablets? Not only do they look cool and make your office modern, but most importantly allow people to make spontaneous reservations whenever they need one.

Why you should consider tablets for your meeting room display?

We’ve found tablet reservations to be extremely useful and complementary to the browser version of Roomzilla, working together in perfect unison and adding to the charm of your space.

Now, imagine you’re walking down the hall, looking nervously for the room your meeting is supposed to take place in. You’re running late and haven’t had a good night’s sleep. The meeting you’re having is not going to be all that entertaining, so there’s no reason to compound the situation.

Imagine how much easier the experience would have been if the company had gone the extra mile and properly identified the rooms with a practical display?

In this day and age, people tend to take things like displays, instructions and signs for granted. They surround us wherever we go, but it only when they’re missing do we begin to appreciate the important purpose they serve.

How about scheduling?

The same goes for a meeting room schedule display. At this point, you might be thinking managing your rooms’ availability with tablets is not indispensable, but once you install these, you will find this is something you’ve always been looking for.

It’s immediately obvious that on a practical note, meeting room displays and the functionalities they offer could sort out a lot of issues your company is being faced with. With tablets you will no longer have to deal with people borrowing a room for five minutes, and then not leaving it for the next two hours. It is so because everyone will be asked to specify the duration of the meeting when making a booking. Every room in your office will be easily recognizable. If you already spent some time and energy organizing the fit-out of your space, you’ll find meeting room displays are the ultimate thing everyone wants to have in their office.

Meeting room displays are bound to attract the attention of everyone who sees them. The most important purpose they serve is that users can see at a glance which rooms are busy and which available.

The Roomzilla tablet experience is extremely user friendly and intuitive, people will always be only one tap away from booking the room they want, right when they need it. If your company is known for seeking innovative solutions, it’s a great idea to have it.

Please don’t be daunted by the amount of setup you think this requires and do not be misled into thinking you cannot afford it. If you contact us at, we’ll get back to you with hardware suggestions and different price models for the installation, depending on your requirements. Put an end to double bookings with the room display solution and make your office smart with Roomzilla. Booking made easy!

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