At Roomzilla, we believe that booking a meeting room should be quick and simple. No one should have to manage the rooms in your space. We're building a stunning solution that allows for just that. Roomzilla is seamless software that blends into your workflow and increases the efficiency of your rooms. Our tool combines a website in harmony with onsite iPad displays to provide real-time access to reservation and availability information. Roomzilla eliminates the stressful logistics and social awkwardness around conference rooms, allowing everyone to relax and focus on what really matters.


Reserve from anywhere, on any device

Your custom Roomzilla site works in any web browser, so your users can access it from all their devices. Booking made easy! Whether on the go or setting at their desk, availability is quickly accessible at-a-glance. Quick filtering even helps for last minute emergencies. 



Where you need it, when you need it

Use of at-room iPads to clearly display current status of resources, leaves everyone in the know. Removing any conflicts of who booked the room, and allowing for easy last minute changes. If a rooms is available, a booking can be made in a single tap! Instantly syncing across the seamless system.

Roomzilla unites the critical functionality of a conference room booking system, the effectiveness of the cloud and the beauty of an iPad. You’ll never have to worry about finding an available room again - because Roomzilla does the job for you!
— Roman Kern, MassChallenge
LabCentral has seven conference rooms, two phone booths, and a nap room that does double duty as a lactation room, all shared between more than 25 companies and over 100 people… Without Roomzilla we would go out of our minds trying to manage those resources – Roomzilla does it all online and in real time, and the technology looks sharp on the walls!
— Maggie O’Toole, LabCentral
Roomzilla is the perfect partner for us in managing our meeting facilities – it offers an easy route for booking of facilities but it also looks the part. Roomzilla enables us to present a professional and slick system for booking of rooms with visibility on what is occurring within each room.
— Karen Pugh, Elevator Business Centres UK