Meeting room displays

Roomzilla room display module is platform agnostic which means it can be run on any tablet, regardless of the make, operating system or price. It provides all the necessary information about room's availability at a glance. Users can create local reservations with a single tap on a button, minimizing the chance of people squatting in the rooms without booking them.

The check-in functionality provides the space managers first-hand feedback about the actual use of the space and gives them control over abandoned reservations.

Integration with google calendar

Roomzilla offers full two-way integration with Google Resources Calendar. It lets you book directly from Google calendar but also to make good use of the room display support or reporting available in Roomzilla. You also don't have to worry about your historic data, the initial sync will take care of that!



Cloud access

Roomzilla is a web application that lives in your browser. It means that it's accessible from anywhere, anytime. It also doesn't require an on-site installation so it can be implemented in your organization in minutes!


To fully understand how your space works you need the right tool. Roomzilla offer different types of reports: most used rooms, most active users, potentially abandoned series and more. You can preview the data or download it in .csv format for further analysis. 


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