World Cup 2014 Conference Room Names

World Cup 2014 Conference Room Names

World Cup 2014 is underway, and with it comes a fervor that only the World Cup can evoke.

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You can feel the energy everywhere you turn, people are wearing jerseys to represent their homelands, faces are painted, national flags are being worn as capes, and good times are being had with each GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!  So much drama and action, everything from Van Persie’s (NED) ridiculous goal in the Netherlands vs Spain game, to the United States pulling a stunning victory over Ghana, it is fair to say that World Cup fever is a force to be reckoned with.  That’s when we here at Roomzilla thought to ourselves, Wouldn’t it be really cool to come up with World Cup-themed conference room names? There are a lot of cool companies out there, and these companies have conference roomes, and these conference roomes need cool names!  Facebook recently opened a Seattle office that has three conference rooms rock, paper, and scissors.  Buzzfeed pays homage to their naming convention by using popular three letter online lingo terms such as, OMG, WTF, and LOL.  So surely, there must be a futbol/fußball/soccer crazed company out there that was born in 2014, so what better way to solidfy yourself into conference room naming lore than coming up with a World Cup 2014 theme.

“Wouldn’t it be really cool to come up with World Cup themed conference room names?”

So to come up with ideas, we reached out to our followers on Twitter and one fan came up with a great idea, name all of the conference rooms after players who are the top goal scorers in the tournament!  We loved the idea, so we took it upon ourselves to compile all the information for you in this handy blog.

1. Karim Benzema – France

Karim hails from Lyons, France and has logged three goals thus far in this year’s tournament.  When not playing for the French national team, Karim plays for the MLS team Real Madrid (Spain).  He is currently one of the most feared strikers to play the game.

2. Thomas Müller – Germany

Like Benzema, Thomas also currently takes possession of three scored goals in the 2014 World Cup.  His home place is Wilheim, Germany and he currently plays for the MLS Bayern, Munich.  At only 25 years of age, Thomas was actually named the Best Young Player at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

3. Arjen Robben – Netherlands

Joining his other esteemed members, Thomas and Karim, Arjen Robben also is in the elite status of currently calling three goals his own.  Arjen actually plays on the MLS Team Bayern Munich alongside Thomas Müller, but when it comes time to claim national pride during the world cup he represents his Dutch roots playing for the Netherlands National Team.  He’s been hailed as one of the best wingers the game has to offer.

4. Enner Valencia – Ecuador

Enner also holds three goals thus far in the 2014 World Cup, and he is quickly be noticed as one of the game’s quickest rising stars.  Though not as experienced as the first 3 mentioned players, Enner gained tremendous attention when he scored 12 goals in the 2014 Clausura.

5. Robin van Persie – Netherlands

Joining Arjen on the national team for the Netherlands is Robin van Persie.  He also holds three goals, and in case you didn’t click on it in the intro, he is also the holder of what may be the greatest goal scored in the 2014 World Cup.  That move alone is enough to put Robin in soccer lore for the rest of time, but in addition to that crazy goal, he also holds the reocrd of the most goals scored by any Dutch player in history (40). His standard MLS team is David Beckham’s former team, Manchester United.

There you have it folks, as of the time of posting this article, those are the top 5 goal scorers in this year’s World Cup.  Currently no player has scored more than 3 goals, perhaps by the end of the tournament we’ll create a Part II to this article to see if these studs stay on top, or fall the the wayside. If you’d like to keep tabs on these stats on your own, you can find all of the above information and more on the MLS Website.