How We Brought Roomzilla to the MassTLC unConference

Last Friday, we had a chance to use a slightly modified version of Roomzilla at the 2013 MassTLC unconference. What is an unConference you ask?

In this case, MassTLC unConference is one of the largest entrepreneurship events in Boston each year. It brings together everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to experienced investors, in a setting that sparks meaningful conversations through sessions, mentor meetings and impromptu introductions. The entire event agenda is created day-of by the attendees.

Image by MassTLC via Instagram

Image by MassTLC via Instagram

Because of the spontaneous and dynamic nature of the unConference, no signs or schedules could be posted ahead of time. This is where Roomzilla came in! In addition to event's the website and mobile app, we used our iPads to reassure people that they had found the correct room.

We brought 20 fully charged iPads to the Hynes Convention Center for the day. With one person handling "set-up", mounting them with 3M command strips and getting them online took less than 30 minutes. Then during the LIVE agenda creation from 9-10am, we were able to input the reservations, ehem - "sessions", for the day while they were being suggested.

Two sessions need to swap rooms? Not a problem! Rather than running around re-writing signs, putting up arrows or posting schedule change notices, all we had to do was make a quick update to the 'session' in Roomzilla, and our iPad signs we accurate once again.

All in all, it was a great event and we are glad we got to be a part of it! Were you at the unConference on Friday? What did you think? Hope to see you next year!


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