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Roomzilla is an out of the box solution for effectively managing your spaces. Not only will we walk you through the installation, but also we offer extensive support afterwards. With our help, you will be able to put Roomzilla to good use, whether for managing meeting rooms or desk sharing. Scrap your current reservation system and use our professional product.

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We take pride in Roomzilla being an all-purpose solution. It has many different uses which range from conference rooms scheduling through hot desks managing to items rental.

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The charm of Roomzilla lies in its simplicity. It was developed based on unique know-how, is extremely easy to implement & use, and focuses on effective use of resources. Wondering what calendars Roomzilla integrates with?


is the key to our success. It has allowed us to develop a product which is now widely recognized. However, let the numbers do the talking.

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made up of experts in their fields and passionate about what they do, Roomzilla team is always there to help you.

Tim Rowe

Co-founder, Chairman

Jakub Jóźwicki


Ellis Brock

Customer Satisfaction Specialist

John Chatzky

Investor, Chairman

Adam Ladachowski

Lead Software Developer

Michelle Darby

Co-founder, Chairman

Software team

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